It's time we stood up and addressed the issues we face in our churches, cultures, and generations...
Let's move forward together.


So you found your way to ChurchRedesigned... but, what is it?
My name is Brady Leavell, a born-again christian and graphic designer who has a passion to bridge my generations (Millennials + Gen Z) with the generations that have come before us. Using my passion and talents through the medium of videos and graphic design, my goal is to help refresh and encourage every church who has a heart to move forwards.

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One problem for many churches is a lack of high quality, affordable graphics made just for churches on a small budget. We try to fix that here.
At ChurchRedesigned you can download (or purchase for a small amount) whatever you want, when you want it, saving you those subscription fees. Let's start you off with a few freebies... Go ahead and download them below.

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