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My name's Brady! 👋

I've been involved in ministry basically my whole life. Back in 1995 both of my parents packed their bags and became missionaries to Brugge, Belgium. After 15 years and two sons later,
(one of those sons is me btw 😉) our family packed our bags yet again and moved to sunny California. ☀️
It was there in California where my passion for graphic arts really began. Today, my goal is to help struggling churches not only through my design experience, but to also share my ideas for church growth from the things I have observed, learned, and experienced from churches across the nation.

                                  Brady Leavell - Graphic Designer / Cool Guy  😎

Hey, what’s up? My name is Justin. 👋

Currently I serve as an Assistant Pastor at a Church in Germany 🇩🇪
in the greater Stuttgart area. I have a passion for reaching the next generation with the gospel. We all know that the times have changed and that there is a cultural shift. With these shifts we need new approaches and creative ideas. 💡I have a B.A. in Business Management and am looking soon to start a Church plant. At Church Redesigned we see Churches who want to reach out to the Y and Z generations. With Design, Research, and Experience; we want to help you effectively reach and maintain young adults for your church.

                                  Justin Notz- Marketing Specialist/ Cooler Guy  😎

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